Wish I Could "TripleSure" All Of Pennsylvania!

by Jane S.
(Home, PA)

I LOVE TRIPLE SURE!!! I have used Frontline on my precious dogs for years. Contaminating their poor bodies in hopes of killing off ticks. Even with that, I would still find engorged ticks on the dogs. What the heck?!? Anyway, after two summers of TripleSure, we are Frontline free and NO TICKS! That's a huge deal here in Western PA were we have a large number of beautiful White-Tail Deer playing host to zillions of deer ticks. I wish I could TripleSure all of Pennsylvania. Yes, I know that's silly; but still ...

On a serious note, I have a question. Do you think if I sprayed TripleSure on the chains from which my hummingbird feeders hang it would repel the darn ants without harming my sweet, feisty hummers? I can't imagine that cedar and peppermint oil could harm the birds but thought I would inquire of the experts.

Oh, just started this week with the DentaSure on Lad's teeth. He's between 10 & 11 years old. You know how it goes with rescues, we're never really sure. We had his teeth cleaned once some years ago, but think that might be unwise now that he's older. I am keeping my fingers crossed that DentaSure does for us what TripleSure has done!

I look forward to your response regarding the hummingbird feeder chains. THANKS!!

Editor's note:

Hello Jane,

Thank you very much for your kind words about our TripleSure Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats.

TripleSure is harmless to humans, animals, birds and fish - only insects are harmed by it. Why? Because only insects depend on a neurotransmitter called "octopamine," which is similar to adrenalin in humans. It regulates the nervous system. When this substance is blocked by the active ingredients in TripleSure, the insect's nervous system malfunctions and it quickly dies. Fortunately for species other than insects (humans, animals, fish and birds), we do not use octopamine, the substance is totally foreign to us, and we lack octopamine receptors to detect or use the substance in the first place.

As for your hummingbird feeder, the problem might be in applying the spray to a metal chain which is not absorbent. Try threading lengths of yarn, twine or heavy thread through the chain links to absorb the solution. Then spray to your heart's content. Ants are treacherous creatures and tend to die hard. Reapply as necessary.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for sharing.

Gary Le Mon
Board Certified Master Herbalist

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