Why I am going all natural for me and my dog.

by Sherry Brown
(Macedon, NY)

I have a retired puppymill Pug mama who was diagnosed with mast cell tumors. With many hours of research I have learned that her diet and nutritional neglect more than likely caused her problem. I had a pug previously who led me to being breed specific in feeding, as commercial foods caused her to have life threatening issues. To assure red blood cell reproduction, protein and vitamin absorption, I was reccomended to a product called "Son Formula" a pure, absorpable blend of amino acids from a very accredited friend with a PhD in Science, Geriartics and Natural Healing who works with people and animals around the country, educating and serving as a health advocate. Judy Lynne Cole also co-owns a distribution company (1 of 10 in the country) for Son Formula. I have followed her advice and used her product(s) for 2 monthes now. There is an amazing revitalization about Peanut the Pug and my husband and I in that short time frame. She has come to run full stride for the first time in her life just a week ago. I am working out again for the first time in years. We have more energy and have lost weight with ease. Vaccinations, flea treatments and heartguard are taboo for pets with cancer as is sugar (grains). Sugar feeds cancer. I am on a quest for her to have the best life possible as I am for all the rescues who come through Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue..which I hope to have opportunity with using "Natural Wonder Pets" products for added nutrition and preventative cancer care as well as dental, flea and parasite prevention..Simply good things! Hope it helps many others. Thanks for caring to hear our story.

Sherry Brown

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