What should I name her?

by Samantha

Last Wednesday outside the grocery store I found a little girl with a box full of poodle puppies for sale. It was love at first sight for the runt with big brown eyes and curly white fur. I took her home and we're best of friends. Only problem is, I can't think of a name for her. Please help! I'm helplessly uncreative. Any suggestions? Anyone?

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How about Betty?
by: Angela

Hello Samantha,

My husband Jim is ¾ Apache and holds close to their ways and traditions. He tells me that his people name their newborn (and pets) according to an event that occurs near the time of birth. That's why many Native Americans have names like Warm South Wind or Soaring Eagle. But that's also why many of Jim's dogs, when he was growing up on the reservation, had names like Poopy or Poops Like Horse.

Anyway, since your poodle puppy has big brown eyes, how about naming her Betty - like Betty Davis Eyes? That's just a suggestion. You can find lots of ideas for dog names at a website called dog-names. I think it's dot com, but I'm not sure. Hope this gives you some ideas that are better than Jim's.

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