TripleSure Kills Ticks on Horses

by Stephanie

Hi there,

I wanted to report my findings after trying TripleSure Flea and Tick spray for my horse.

I was searching online for a natural/herbal/safe tick remedy for my horse. I had tried a popular chemical treatment twice this year and was still finding ticks on him. I didn't like the fact that I was exposing him to chemicals/pesticides and it still wasn't even working. My vet had even given me gloves to use when I applied it. I also didn't want to feel like every time I was petting my horse I was coating my hand with pesticide. Plus, every time the spray touched his skin when I was squirting it on him, he would flinch as if it burned or tingled.

I found the TripleSure product online recently, which is marketed for dogs and cats. I figured it was worth a try because I knew I was going on a horse camping trip over a long weekend and we would be in heavy tick territory. I first used the TripleSure spray on my gelding's legs (to keep the area limited in case there was any adverse reaction of his skin), and was impressed by finding almost no ticks on him after a 2 hour trail ride. (He did not flinch or move his skin in response to the TripleSure spray being applied like he did with the pesticide spray.) In the past, he has had allergic reactions to other products where he breaks out with hives on his chest. With this product, there was no allergic reaction.

I then applied it to some more sensitive areas on his underbelly and on his inner thighs, and there was no adverse reaction from his delicate skin in this area and there was a major improvement in tick prevention. I'd previously been finding 10-15 ticks on him a day, and now I was finding 0 - 2, and usually the places where I was still finding the occasional tick were areas where I had not applied the spray.

Even though I have had to re-apply it every time he gets wet (either because of rain or hosing him off after a ride) which means I go thru a bottle in about two weeks (obviously a horse is going to require lots more spray than a dog or cat), it's been the most effective product I've found (herbal or otherwise) between episodes of getting wet. I like the fact that it is a natural and safe product and I don't feel like we're being overdosed by pesticides.

Stephanie in Virginia

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