Ticks on Kitties’ Faces

Camie in Los Angeles, CA writes:


My 3 kitties (all age 13 months) all have small California ticks on their faces – around the eyes, along the sides of the nose, around the mouth, chin & whiskers area, and within and around their ears.

Is your TripleSure Natural Flea & Tick Spray safe to apply in these areas?


Dear Camie:

Thank you for asking about our TripleSure.

First, the ticks must be removed and kept off as well as possible. TripleSure will kill ticks, but in your case it’s best to spray on a Q-Tip or cotton cloth then rub carefully around the eyes, nose and mouth to avoid any irritation.

Thanks again,

Gary Le Mon

Nine days later …

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know that your product worked fantastically! I did one application to my 3 cats’ ears and faces, and within less than a day I saw a drastic reduction in the number of ticks on them. And, each day that’s passed, there are fewer and fewer on them.

I am so grateful that there are products out there and people such as yourself that give us the option of treating our pets naturally – without chemicals.

I had tried one other “natural” product before yours which didn’t yield as good of results and the smell was overwhelmingly pungent: Natural Defense by Sentry. I immediately noticed that your product has barely any scent, which was a plus for both me and the kitties (they don’t like the smell of the other stuff). I think it’s pretty cool too that you only have two key ingredients in your product, rather than a concoction of several things. One of my kitties got sick on Sentry’s product after he licked some off of his back where I had applied it. With yours, my kitties thoroughly cleaned their faces and had absolutely no adverse effects from ingesting the liquid off their fur.

Thank you!
Los Angeles, CA


Hello Camie,

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful email about TripleSure. We are always pleased to hear from a satisfied cat lover who can vouch for natural remedies.

With your permission I would like to share your email with our customers and subscribers. We always reach several people out there who find inspiration in such a testimonial. Please let me know if this is ok with you.

Thanks again,

Gary Le Mon

You betcha!


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