The Tick Clip

by Catharine
(Miami, FL)

I recently read a little about a product called the Tick Clip. Has anyone used it? It's being used successfully in Europe for flea and tick control. But it's expensive and the sellers don't give refunds. It works with the bioenergy of the pet.

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Fur discoloration at the site of Tick Clip
by: Ren Chats

My 6 months old Golden Retriever developed dark greyish discoloration of fur on underside of his neck within 3 days of making him wear the Tick Clip.
I will please like to know if anyone else has also experienced such a thing, what does it indicate, and what should I do.

Have used the tic-clip
by: 58Sage

my border collie had horrible fleas and was allergic to everything I put on her fur. Same with my Samoyed. I noticed the thing working within 4 weeks and now, after 22 months, will replace it again and get one for my cat. I don't believe in bio-feedback type medicines for people at all, but was desperate so gave this a try. I know some don't believe it works and maybe it really doesn't work for all dogs, but it works for mine. It doesn't kill them; it REPELS them. So I've still found a few fleas and the occasional tick, but they're on the outer fur and definitely look like they're trying to leave the animal. Haven't found any of the full ticks that I used to find nor have I found any more flea nests (on white dogs, they leave a big, blackish patch before the tail).
I don't object to the price solely because if it does work, it costs the same as 3 mo. of the drops. I say try it.

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