Relieved I bought DentaSure!

by Eve Keeffe

Dear DentaSure:

I used Petzlife Oral Gel on my two cats, Socky and Bear, for almost two months with no results. Their gums were just as red at the end of this period, as they had been to start with. Discouraged by the experience, I nearly did not try DentaSure Oral Gel, but was desperate to avoid professional teeth cleanings.

Now, I am glad I bought it, because the gums are no longer red after less than a month of twice-daily applications of it. Mostly, the applications have even been far closer to eating or drinking than the recommended 30 minutes and I still got good results. Further, the gel is more liquid than Petzlife's, so it has been easier to apply to the paws. I know it tastes better too, because the cats do not run from it, like they used to from Petzlife.

I was less concerned about Socky, since raw chicken gizzards which I began to give him half way through the Petzlife period did away with his tartar and gingivitis. However, Bear who would eat nothing but dry food which had given him gingivitis in the first place was at serious risk. Just a small bead of Denta Sure on his paw has done the trick, though. I certainly did not have to gob on a half a teaspoon of it despite the fact that his weight of 15 lbs technically warranted it.

Bee propolis rules in my book! And no harmful alcohol like the others have. Thank you for making this wonderful product and please feel free to use this e-mail, as a testimonial on your website.

Eve Keeffe

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