Question re: Primalix Cataractin (Take Two)

by Natalie
(Melbourne, Australia)

I posted a question several days ago, but unfortunately, have received no response. I started giving my dog (17-yr-old Jack Russell X with severe cataracts)about two weeks ago... 1 x 1ml dropper into food x twice a day. I have not noticed any improvement, but have noticed white spots and lines starting to appear on her eyes. As a result, her vision is worsening. My question is (again): should I persevere with the product, or should I stop administering it? As you may appreciate, I am quite concerned for my dogs' well-being, and would be grateful for a prompt response. Thank you again, Natalie.

Hello Natalie,
Thank you for your question. Sorry for the delay in responding. Your report of white spots and lines appearing in your Jack Russell's eyes is a mystery to us and has never been reported before by our customers or associated with our Primalix Cataractin. I wish we could be more helpful as to the cause, but since the spots are worsening her vision, you may want to stop the Cataractin just to see if anything changes. If you see no difference in the spots after 2 to 3 weeks off Cataractin, start over again and persevere. This product has produced amazing results. However, if you see no improvement after 3 to 4 months of treatment, it probably is not going to work in her case.

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