Question about mixing worm, flea, and tick products?

by Dennis D.
(New York City)

The Eastside Gang NYC

The Eastside Gang NYC

I have used Earth Animal Herbal Internal Powder for fleas and ticks (Yeast free of course) for over 2 years and enjoy saying it works naturally. I also use their new shampoo as well on my 4 "Hunting" Dachshunds. I am a licensed guide here in New York State for hiking and hunting, so natural grown products always interest me for the health of my animals. I also have 3 cats as well.

I would like to say I used your TripleSure Natural Flea and Tick Spray which I really like because it works. I do not use the Earth Animal Flea and tick spray because of its fatal ingredients to cats.

So my question here is, "Can one use FourGuard Herbal Parasite Formula with other products?".

One more note - I was lucky enough to receive your Denta Sure Oral Care gel and spray, which forced me to throw out my PetzLife products due to the products alcohol content. So thank you for the healthier oral care products as well.

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