Poisons on pets

by kris
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

From the NRDC article"

"The seven OPs are chlorpyrifos, dichlorvos, phosmet, naled, tetrachlorvinphos, diazinon and malathion. They are the active ingredients in dozens of pet products. A comprehensive list of products appears in Table 1. It includes major pet pesticide brands, such as Alco, Americare, Beaphar, Double Duty, Ford's, Freedom Five, Happy Jack, Hartz, Hopkins, Kill-Ko, Protection, Rabon, Riverdale, Sergeant, Unicorn, Vet-Kem, Victory and Zema."

Nice of you to note that NONE of these products are ones prescribed by veterinarians and many of those sold by veterinarians include insect growth regulators (i.e. (SO-methoprene in Frontline Plus - as NRDC recommends. And the only veterinary prescription product with 'OPs (organophosphates) is Promeris a product that has not seen much success in the 1-2 year is has been on the market because veterinarians dont like using OPs since owners regularly fail to follow package instructions and put dog products on their cats, who are highly sensitive to OPs.

I abhor animal testing and am pleased that much (though not all) research on flea products has been done on 'artificial dogs' a device developed by a cornell veterinary professor.

Good to know that you are not mis-leadaing the public to help sell your own product.

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