New 6 mo. Akc Shepherd - on 13 acres

by Eric
(South Carolina)

We just purchased a beautiful 6 mo. Old AKC Shepherd. She's already learning her potty training, obedience commands, and fetching - in 24 hrs.

We live with a 3 1/2 acre fenced pasture - no horses or cattle. 10 acres of hard woods, brush & trees.

I'm a health focused person - teach life balance etc, I DONT want to use spot-on products after reading what's in them. Fipronil, S-methoprene, etc.

I cannot treat 13 acres of woods & a pasture to control ticks & fleas... Which safe topicals should we use?.
eric - S. Carolina

Editor's note:

Dear Eric,

Congratulations on your new Shepherd. Sounds like she got the brains of the litter. We'd love to see a photo of her!

Thanks for your question. Here's my shameless plug: As formulator of TripleSure 100% Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats, I wholeheartedly recommend this 3-pronged approach to the problem. With tens of thousands of bottles sold all around the world in almost a decade, customers are consistently thrilled at the product's safety and effectiveness. With your 13 acres, however, you may want to look at our TripleSure Concentrate, which makes 6 gallons of spray for use in a typical garden-type sprayer.

Thanks again for your question.

Best Regards,

Gary Le Mon

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