My Min Pin has developed Diabetes, Cushings and aggressive cataracts.

by Cheryl Arledge
(Sparta, MO)

I have always preferred the natural approach in my own health, so I am trying this for my "baby". Penny is a 12 yr old Min Pin. In Feb , 16 she was diagnosed with Diabetes and the noticed there was a slight clouding in her eyes. She was very sick. Started her on a low dose of Insulin which has now grown to 10u 2x a day. Last month at her sugar test the doctor said he believed she has Cushings, the test is over $200. I feel like the test is an expensive waste of time since she has all the signs. Excessive thirst, heavy pants at times, pee pee accidents, loss of hair and little hard bumps under her skin. Her cataracts are also very bad. No sight in one eye and very little left in her other one. I have ordered the "Cataractin" and will be also trying the corti-quell. Until I found you I was ready to send her to the angels and my heart was breaking. I hope your products will give her just a bit more time with us.

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