My dog has cushings

by Elizabeth Smith
(Loveland, Colorado)

My dog Grace is a blue heeler/ australian shepard, just turned 9 in April. She was diagnosed with cushings around the same time. I have her on HMR lignans, melatonin, and recently added the capsule form of dandelion. She is also eating a diet of instinct wet food, turkey, chicken. I have been giving her bone broth I made as well. Dandelion root is a direretic which has made her start to pee involuntarily. I want to add milk thistle. Is this to much? Her kidneys I used to could see swollen on her back, but it has almost diminished. She still seems a bit depressed. She used to play with my other dog, but doesn't want much to do with him now. I just want her to feel good. Any suggestions? Thank you, Lizzy

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