Is DentaSure safe to use more than twice a day?

by Cindy H.

I have been using the dentasure gel on my 2 year old sheltie for almost one month and have seen no improvement. His teeth are REALLY bad. So bad he wont even chew his food. Is this product safe to use more often than twice a day? Thanks.

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Puppy dental care
by: Anonymous

I have a 6 month old bichon puppy. She has been teething these past month and almost all her adult teeth are out. I have been doing research on dental care, I want to make sure dentasure is safe for puppies and if it is how often should I use it ???

thank you

aged dog with tartar issues
by: Anonymous

To add to this string, I can share my story. My sheltie is now nearing 14 and doing well with the Denta Sure product. Her first cleaning under anesthesia was at age 2.. her next was at age 5 or six. As she entered her "senior" years I became more uncomfortable putting her under, and likewise was looking for "prevention". Although I tried to brush her teeth regularly, with a busy schedule I couldn't get to it more than once or twice a week.
I began using the dentasure spray religiously, twice a day. I didn't expect quick results either, because her tartar build up was excessive. Between 8-12 weeks I definitely noticed a lot of the build up wearing away, and softening so I could even scrape some of the plaque off with a dental pick bought at walmart.
I continue to use the product 3-4 times weekly on both my shelties as a preventative and am happy with the results.
Deborah D, West Virgina

Yes, but No ...
by: Editor

Hello Cindy,

Thank you for asking about using DentaSure Gel on your 2 year old sheltie.

With teeth as bad as you say they are, one month of treatment is not going to show very much progress against years of tartar and plaque buildup. But rest assured you are greatly reducing bacteria throughout his mouth (and entire body) with your twice-daily applications. All dogs are different, but the white enamel will show more and more as layers of plaque disappear in time.

Instead of using DentaSure more than twice a day, however, I recommend spending more time with each application, either brushing or rubbing the gel around where it is needed most. Our friends in Japan have produced a short video demonstrating how best to use DentaSure Gel. You don't need to speak the language to get the message.


Hope this helps. Thank you for using our products.

Best Regards,


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