I lost 2 beloved companions the day our youngest dog died

by Diana
(Rural Missouri)

It's been 1 year (3 days before our 28th wedding anniversary) since we lost our youngest dog (11 years old) to a very rapid spreading cancer. Daisy Mae died 3 weeks after our vet examined the small tumor on her belly. Our vet immediately knew she had cancer as soon as she saw her and told us Daisy Mae had a fast spreading cancer and she probably wouldn't live more than 5 or 6 weeks. She explained what to expect and how to make her comfortable at home, but if Daisy Mae was in pain and suffering, call her any time of day or night and she'd euthanize her. Thankfully Daisy Mae didn't suffer, she laid in her favorite chair all day, no appetite, only drinking water when I brought it to her then going back to sleep. Early the next morning I went to watch the morning news in the other room, here came Daisy Mae bouncing, smiling, and wagging her tail, like she did when she was a pup. She was headed right to me for her favorite belly rub she'd always get when ever I sat on the couch. I reached out to give her a pat and just before she reached me, she fell down and died literally at my feet. I called our other 2 dogs in the room to see her, they had been checking on her often the last couple days. Her mother, Biscuit Faye, (16 years old) came sniffed and walked around her and then laid down by my feet. Our oldest dog (17 years old) Rowdyray, did the same. My husband and I left Daisy Mae there for the next couple of hours while we took turns digging her gave just outside the dogs yard. When we finished digging her grave, I came in the house and gently wrapped her in a quilt and carried her out to where she was to be buried. Rowdyray sat and watched as I lay her in her grave and my husband covered her up. Since that day, Rowdyray, who was always my dog, my constant shadow and buddy, even barking at my husband when we would wrestle around, getting between us and not letting my husband close to me until he stopped making me squeal, now will not come close to me. He would rather stay out all night in a cold pounding rain than stay in the house alone with me while my husband was at work, he only comes in the house about 5 minutes before my husband gets home and if he's late, Rowdyray will bolt back outside till he hears the truck pull in. Rowdyray now stays constantly on my husband's heels, he doesn't come when I call him, only when my husband calls, he doesn't eat when I fix his dinner unless my husband sits there and tells him to eat. If I try to pet him or sit by him or even if I move in his direction, he's up and out the door until my husband calls him back in. For 16 years he was my best buddy, he'd even cry and whine constantly if I was gone, driving my husband batty when I was gone all day. Now Rowdyray cries and whines until my husband gets home. I thought over time things would get better, but it's been a year now and it's not any better. I lost 2 dogs the day our lil Daisy Mae died and I don't know how to make things any different. Our family and friends are amazed and baffled at the extreme change in Rowdyray's behavior towards me. Everybody thought time would make things better and when it hasn't, no one knows what to suggest to try, even our vet is stumped. Any one else ever experience something similar or have any ideas or suggestions to improve things? I've been searching the internet for any help, so far I've not found anyone with a similar experience.

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No offense intended
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