I am not sure which DentaSure to pick, spray or gel?

by Royce
(New Port Richey, FL)


I have a 4 pound Yorkie that could kill an attacker with one sniff of his breath! I really need some help!! I was going to buy the DentaSure oral care product but not sure which to buy, between the gel and the spray. Does the product have a bad taste for a dog? If you use the gel and it stays on for a long period of time will it hurt him in any way?

I hope you can answer my questions soon so I can order right away! :)

Editor's note:
Hello Royce,

Thank you for asking about our all-natural oral care product, DentaSure.

Both the spray and the gel contain identical ingredients, but we add a natural thickening agent (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free Xanthan Gum) to the gel to make it ... well, to make it gel.

Which one you choose depends more on you than on your Yorkie, or how bad the problem is.

You see, as soon as you apply DentaSure, your dog (or cat) will lick its lips, roll its tongue around, and swallow. The licking and rolling is due to the pleasant taste. This also helps to distribute the solution evenly throughout the mouth, allowing the ingredients to begin dissolving and washing away plaque and tartar.

(Incidentally, the mild acids in DentaSure work as a natural antibiotic which travels through the digestive tract destroying "bad" bacteria but leaving the Probiotics intact. What's more, DentaSure's secondary - if unintentional - action becomes a very effective de-worming agent.)

The main question to ask before deciding on the gel is whether your dog will let you stick your finger in its mouth. With the gel, you run a small bead along your index finger. You then insert it into your dog's mouth, sliding it from the back to the front teeth, once on each side.

Of course, not all pets allow such probing. And not all humans want to.

On the other hand, the spray is more convenient. You simply lift the lip and spray, once on each side, and you're done.

So the gel may be a little more work, but it allows for better targeting of the solution. And the spray is clearly more convenient for people on the go.

Turns out, most people buy one of each initially. Try them both. Then they settle on one or the other for future orders.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for your question. And as always, please know that we appreciate your business.

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Gel or Spray
by: Anonymous

My cat loves the gel. I purchased both gel and spray...the spray made him run away because of the sound of the spray.. I am fortunate to be able to put it in his mouth easily with the cap however the cap has changed on this product whereas it used to open up to a little tab that could squirt some in his mouth. I just keep changing the cap from one container to the new container..that said you could put it on a small tooth brush and maybe use it that way to at least get some of it in his/her mouth.
I find that the gel is something that he seems to like..he doesn't seem to mind the taste and I've tasted it myself very tasty. A dog may take to the spray and not jump like the cat did. My Vet continues to Marvel at the fact that my cats teeth argh staying in very good shape. He is now 13.I would not want to put him under to have his teeth cleaned at this age.

by: Anonymous

Can you estimate how long would the gel last if used twice a day on a 30lb dog?
I read the spray bottle contains about 800 sprays. Two sprays twice a day, and one bottle would last about 200days. Is the gel version as plentiful?
Looking forward to try this

Dear Anonymous,
Our DentaSure Gel is as plentiful as our DentaSure Spray, but the Spray applies a measured amount whereas the amount of Gel per use is up to the user. We have had our best results applying a pea-size dab of Gel to a soft cloth and rubbing it into all tooth surfaces up and down, front and back. The Gel allows easier targeting but users tend to use a little more of it than the Spray. Thanks for your question. We think you'll be pleased with the results.
Natural Wonder Pets Team

Bye bye to $700.00 dental procedure hello Denta Sure.
by: Emily Forbes

Ms Polly was diagnosed to be in the need of a $700 plus dental cleaning and surgery we are ordering our second bottle of DentaSure need I say more. It is very sad that these Vets are willing to put our dear babies through anesthesia God bless you for you dedication to helping our pets.

Question about DentaSure
by: Anonymous

I had a question about this product. It mentions some acidic properties, and I'm curious about how DentaSure affects a dog's tooth enamel?

The small amount of acidic properties in DentaSure does not effect the tooth's enamel.

by: Patricia

I have a 10 lb dachshund who came to me with serious dental issues and has lost about 10 teeth. In short when I got her she had totally black teeth and the mouth from Hell :( After several dental visits and removal of about 10 teeth I started her on a raw food diet. This did wonders for her and she gained weight, she was initially far underweight at 4.5 kbs :( and is now at 10 lbs. BUT she still had dragons breath. Most formulas of this type include alcohol so I was afraid to use them because of her compromised health but when I came across your product I gave it a try. The fresher breath was noticeable the first day YIPPEE!!!! We are into day 14 now and I am seeing some big improvements in the slight browning of the teeth. I am hoping after time that this will completely resolve her dental complaints!! Overall your product has been a lifesaver for my Brindi and we are both VERY HAPPY!!!!

What a wonderful product!
by: Jean Wilkinson, Arlington, TN

I wondered if all the testimonials were true, but I was desperate to find a way to get my West Highland Terrier's teeth and gums in better shape.
Her breath was terrible and her teeth had a huge build up of tartar. I was amazed at how well the product worked. After a month, her breath was fresh, the front teeth were white and beautiful. The back teeth were not completely tartar free but there was a dramatic improvement. Rosie loves the flavor and willing comes to get her teeth brushed and have her DentaSure treatment. Thank you for such a wonderful product. We happily tell others about your amazing product.

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