How To Treat Over-Grooming


My feline was vaccinated last Dec., after a few wks. started to over-groom. The fur on her belly, front legs & now some of the back is almost completely gone, exposing her skin. Although there are no scabs, this is still going on for almost a yr. now.
Back in May I spoke w/a holistic practitioner that I consulted over the phone (she doesn't live in my state, so she didn't examine her). After many questions, she concluded that my cat most likely had an allergic reaction to the vaccinations she got. The practitioner told me of several things to do ~ after researching I decided to follow those suggestions. First, I started giving my cat Transfer Factor (for humans) 2 tablets dissolved in water, mixed w/Caldera Greens using an oral syringe. I also give her 1 500 mg fish oil tablet, & sprinkle digestive enzymes on her wet food. I was giving her all dry food up until last May that was absorbing any water intake she had. I changed her litter to a natural pine pellet type, along w/the cleaner I used for the floors (now realizing the harmful chemicals that are in these products) that can cause itching, etc. if comes in contact w/fur, paws, not to mention ingesting.
Is there anything else I can do so her fur can return to normal?
I am very skeptical about bringing her to the vet ~ they all seem to want to put every animal they see on some type of medication.

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