for Cats and Dogs?

Absolutely! And now you can "disease-proof" your dog or cat in just 90 days AND add a few more precious years of wellness to its life!

Daily wellness herbs for cats and dogs are every bit as essential as daily vitamins and minerals are today. But they're about 1000 times harder to find! Why?

Just like Big Pharma dominates conventional medicine, Big Vita dominates the pet dietary supplements industry with thousands of multi-vitamin and mineral products. But not 1 in a thousand contains the daily essential herbs your dog or cat requires for lifelong wellness.

Today, more than ever

Companion animals need human help now more than ever. Generations ago when natural pet supplements were unheard of, this good Earth was a veritable victory garden. The air was clean, water pure, soil rich with nutrients.

Today's corporate farms coax crops from barren soil using chemicals, pesticides and genetically engineered Frankenseeds. Then food processing conglomerates replace any remaining nourishment with salt, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Humans and animals subsist on a diet of lifeless matter in brightly colored packaging that we call "food" only because we're brainwashed into eating it ... and feeding it to our pets.

Nobody questions that all living things need proper nutrition to grow and stay healthy. The only question is whether we as responsible pet parents are giving our furry friends the best possible care within our means. Or whether there's something more we can do ...

"How Will Daily Essential Herbs Benefit My Dog or Cat?"

For starters, herbs are not merely co-factors in good health. They are determining factors.

Animals in the wild, including carnivores, consume herbs throughout the changing seasons. The herbs they choose exert specific actions on physiological systems, organs, glands and, according to a team of scientists at Vanderbilt University, newly discovered DNA repair mechanisms.1

One herb may act upon the gallbladder to release bile into the digestive tract for better digestion and nutritional uptake. Other herbs detoxify the liver, regulate blood-sugar levels, modulate the immune system, sharpen aging eyesight, or unleash boundless energy for hunting and survival.

When these daily essential herbal nutrients are denied because of domestication, an abundance of natural healing and prevention is also denied. Without access to a variety of outdoor plants, premature aging becomes common. Sudden onset of disease threatens. Modern drugs can do little to save our companion dogs and cats from this denial of essential herbal nutrients.

DailySureTM Multi-Herbal Wellness Formula for Cats and Dogs

Under the care of our board certified Master Herbalist whose sole specialization is natural wellness for dogs and cats, we've formulated a multiple herbal extract for all species of domestic dogs, and a separate formula for all species of domestic cats.

But DailySureTM is truly unlike anything else. Anywhere on earth. At any price. Period.

Our proprietary formula of herbs for cats and dogs contains 10 beneficial herbs and hundreds of phytonutrients which we believe are essential for lifelong pet wellness.

Simply add a dropper or two to wet or dry food as Functional Food DropsTM per label directions.

There is no other herbal pet wellness formula like this anywhere in today's pet health market. Not even close!

Our 10 Daily Essential Herbs for Cats and Dogs:

Turmeric Root. One of my favorite herbs for cats and dogs (and humans), Turmeric Root, Curcuma Longa, is legendary at preventing downstream adverse effects of the inflammatory response. This amazing herb2,*

  • helps prevent certain cancers and reduce tumors
  • prevents or reduces the pain of arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis
  • fights atherosclerosis by deactivating platelet-activating factor (PAF)
  • shields the body against carcinogenic effects of environmental toxins
  • aids in the digestion of fats and sugars
  • stops cholesterol from forming gallstones
  • counteracts many food allergies
  • reduces bad breath and gingivitis in dogs and cats

Dandelion Root, Taraxacum officinale. Folklore attributes near-magical powers to this common lawn crasher. Modern science has found that Dandelion Root3,*

  • stimulates the release of bile from the liver into the gallbladder (a chloretic) for efficient digestion and nutritional uptake
  • feeds the liver and gallblader sustaining nutrients
  • assists in the digestion of fats
  • guards against eczema and other skin conditions
  • stimulates urination without relative loss of potassium

Burdock Root, Arctium lappa. This bitter herb has been used for millennia as an effective blood purifier. Burdock root contains up to 50% inulin, a polysaccharide that4,*

  • increases calcium and magnesium absorption
  • promotes the growth of good (prebiotic) intestinal bacteria
  • strengthens the liver, kidneys and gallbladder
  • regulates insulin production to guard against diabetes and hypoglycemia
  • helps process naturally occuring steroids which help with proper hormonal balance
  • contains vitamins and minerals including folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamin-E, and vitamin-C; iron, manganese, magnesium; and small amounts of zinc, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus.

Fenugreek Seed, Trigonella foenum-graecum. There is no more effective herb than Fenugreek for keeping blood sugars, HbA1C, triglicerides, and total cholesterol in check while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.5,*

Polysaccharides include saponins, hemicellulose, mucilage, tannin, and pectin, which not only control cholesterol but also bind to food toxins. This protects the mucus membrane of a cat or dog's relatively short intestines from certain cancers.8,*

Phytochemical compounds that provide additional wellness properties include choline, trigonelline diosgenin, yamogenin, gitogenin, tigogenin and neotigogens.

Low-Dose, Long-Term:
Recommendation for Lifelong Wellness.

Life is a series of habits we repeat daily, building slowly toward inevitable consequences.

By making a habit of providing daily essential herbs for cats and dogs, you fortify your furry companion for a lifetime of wellness.

But please commit to our protocol of "low dose, long-term."

Our DailySureTM nutrient-dense formula is based on the wisdom of practicing herbalists from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine to today's Western Herbalism ... using herbs over time as a preventative instead of a rescue remedy.

By committing to our low dose, long-term regimen of "prevention" you are likely to sidestep the often devastating need for a cure.

Nowhere is it more predictable that "an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure" than with herbs for cats and dogs.

Can you think of a better way to say "I love you" to your best friend?

Hawthorn Berry, Crataegus monogyna, is specific for the heart and known for its ability to move blood. This European medicine-fruit has undergone numerous clinical studies since the 1990s, finding that it6,*

  • increases the available energy of the cardiovascular system (to tonify) and promotes a healthy heart
  • helps the body regulate blood pressure within a normal range, avoiding highs and lows
  • helps maintain a regular heartbeat
  • restores weakened heart muscles, treats inflammation of the heart, arteriosclerosis, and "nervous heart."

Did you know that herbs contain vitamins and minerals, but vitamins and minerals don't contain herbal nutrients? You only get essential herbal nutrients from herbs.

Milk Thistle Seed. Also known as Silybum marianum, this prickly, unattractive thistle possesses medicinal treasures that fortify and protect the liver. This marvelous herb7,*

  • shields your dog or cat from today's environmental chemicals and toxins
  • promotes the regeneration of liver cells through the process of protein synthesis
  • counteracts the effects of poisons and dangerous liver toxins helping to prevent liver damage
  • normalizes blood lipids
  • treats inflammatory liver conditions such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, and fatty liver

Shiitake Mushroom, Lentinula edodes. Symbolizing longevity in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 6000 years, the Shiitake mushroom contains nutrient-dense helpings of all eight essential amino acids. Scientifically documented animal studies show this medicinal mushroom8,*

  • regulates the immune system by increasing immune function when needed and reducing it when not needed
  • helps reduce the risk of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells
  • promotes the growth of natural cancer fighting cells
  • maintains cholesterol at an optimum healthy level
  • provides cardiovascular support and reduces the risk of clogged arteries or atherosclerosis

Ginkgo Leaf, aka Ginkgo Biloba Leaf. The oldest living plant species on Earth, Ginkgo leaf is today one of the best selling herbs in the world. This ancient herb9,*

  • has a tonic (energizing) effect on the brain and reduces cognative decline
  • stimulates blood circulation, reducing lethargy and improving memory
  • reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease and decreases the rate of premature death
  • contains ginkgolides, compounds that are unknown in any other plant species, which inhibit allergic responses and are useful in preventing respiratory disorders

Did you know that people are about 100 times more likely to buy the cure for an existing problem than to buy a preventative to avoid the problem in the first place?

Wheatgrass, Triticum aestivum. The ultimate blood purifier, wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins, minerals, organic phosphates, and rich antioxidants. This healthful herb10,*

  • contains over 90 important minerals including the alkaline minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.
  • is packed with essential enzymes including Amylase to facilitate digestion, Cytochrome Oxidase a potent antioxidant, Lipase for processing fat, Protease to help digest protein, Transhydrogenase to strengthen the heart, and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant defense that slows cellular aging
  • contains 19 protein-building amino acids
  • is scientifically proven to prevent cataracts in aging dogs

Astragalus Root, Astragalus membranaceus. Last but not least, Astragalus is perhaps the most fundamental of all herbs for cats and dogs in the 21st century. This "Super Herb" belongs to an elite class of herbs called adaptogens. Adaptogens deal with modern-day stressors on the body like industrial waste, allopathic drugs, or chemical neurotoxins such as pesticides and food additives.

Human and animal studies show that adaptogenic herbs increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. They help the body maintain optimal homeostasis by balancing endocrine hormones and the immune system.11,* The most widely studied of medicinal plants, these anti-aging herbs are non-specific and benefit the whole body.12,*

Astragalus root

  • is the principal herb in longevity studies investigating how life is extended through activating genes that lengthen telomeres
  • is taken in low doses over a long period of time for prevention of infections
  • enhances immune function, normalizes blood pressure and cardio function, increases the body's strength and endurance, and destroys cancer cells

Full Plant, Full Spectrum, Fully Un-denatured

Our extraction solvent (menstruum) consists of our own proprietary blend of organic vegetable glycerin (very low glycemic load), apple cider vinegar, and crystal clear water which we ionize and purify through filters measuring one one-hundredth of a micron. We do not extract with alcohol, which is harmful to dogs and cats, nor with heat which "denatures" the very herbal constituents that do the healing.

Our herbs are organically cultivated (USDA Certified Organic or Wildharvested) to maintain purity. We then place them into our full spectrum extraction process one precious gallon at a time, at the peak of their potency cycle, agitating frequently for no less than a fortnight.

Ours is a time-honored tradition of tincturing that assures the constituent ratios in our extracts are identical to the synergistic nutrient ratios in the plants used.

We make and sell only our own products, so we know exactly what’s in them. We know of no other herbal extraction method that so painstakingly prepares Nature's bounty for our beloved animal companions.

Turn Ordinary Food Into Functional FoodSM

Our DailySureTM Multi-Herbal - Functional Food DropsTM - let you add specific, beneficial, physiologically active food components (herbal nutrients) to wet or dry food.

Functional food is any food having health-promoting or disease-preventing properties beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients.

Nearly 2500 years ago Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Animals do this instinctively. In the wild they “functionalize” their food by sniffing out and eating specific herbs to prevent disease and maintain natural wellness.

Now you can add function to any dry, canned, raw or homemade pet food. Give your domestic dog or cat a targeted dose of wild, natural wellness with every meal.

Dosing Instructions

Multi-herbal formula for cat and dog wellness, administer by mouth on an empty stomach, or add to food as directed.

DailySureTM for Cats and Kittens
Under 5 lbs. - 1/2 dropper daily
6 to 15 lbs. - 1 dropper daily
16 lbs. and up - 2 droppers daily

DailySureTM for Dogs and Puppies
Under 10 lbs. - 1/2 dropper daily
11 to 20 lbs. - 1 dropper daily
21 to 60 lbs. - 2 droppers daily
61 to 100 lbs. - 3 droppers daily
Over 100 lbs. - 4 droppers daily

NOTE: One "dropper" equals one squeeze of the black bulb (1.0mL), which fills the pipette about half full. Refrigerate after opening. Give DailySureTM for a lifetime, but for best results WITHHOLD for 2 consecutive days out of each week.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee*

We're so sure you are going to be completely satisfied with our DailySureTM Multi-Herbal formula that you have our Ironclad, Bottom-of-the-Bottle, Written Guarantee:

“Every bottle of DailySureTM herbs for cats and dogs is guaranteed to meet your complete satisfaction or your money back! Simply return the unused portion to Natural Wonder Products within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H). No hassle, no questions asked. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”

DailySureTM Multi-Herbal for DOGS - Essential Herbal Extract - Functional Food DropsTM - $39.95 (Regular price $49.95). 4 oz Glycerite (Amber Glass Tincture) Alcohol-free, contains 120 droppers full, enough to treat a medium dog (21 to 60 lbs) for 2 months. Organic, human grade ingredients. Up to 5 times more absorbable than pills, tablets or granules.

DailySure Dogs bottle

DailySureTM Multi-Herbal for CATS - Essential Herbal Extract - Functional Food DropsTM - $39.95 (Regular price $49.95). 4 oz Glycerite (Amber Glass Tincture) Alcohol-free, contains 120 droppers full, enough to treat a large cat (16 lbs and up) for 2 months. Organic, human grade ingredients. Up to 5 times more absorbable than pills, tablets or granules.

DailySure Cats bottle

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
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