Ecstatic about TripleSure!

by Jan E.
(Saint Petersburg, FL)

I just received my TripleSure Natural Flea & Tick Spray for my dogs. First, your shipping was awesome!! Received within a couple of days...what service!!

I just sprayed my Sheltie and Schipperke and I saw a live flea on my Sheltie stop moving!--it's a little harder to see those little black dots on my black Schipperke! But the fact that I saw it actually kill a flea makes me ecstatic!

I love the cedar smell, to me it smells more cedarie than pepperminty. I sprayed their beds and the sheets on my bed. I think the smell is great!

Just wanted you to know my first impression of your product is that it does what it says it will do. I'll keep you advised as I use it over a longer period of time. Thanks for giving us dog owners an alternative to the expensive and dangerous topicals out there!

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