7 Dog-Friendly Websites Pass Sniff Test                    by Gary Le Mon

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You’re a responsible dog lover, right? And you’re constantly online with your smart phone, iPad or PC, right again?

Then you are also painfully aware of the gazillion or so dog-friendly websites out there howling for attention.

What’s sadly lacking is a heads-up on worthwhile websites that won’t waste your time or try to sell you designer doggy dust collectors.

Many websites are operated by genuine dog lovers. Others are strictly commercial properties with dogs dropped in as fashion statements or disposable accessories. But the following 7 websites have been vetted and have passed the sniff test. These online doggy venues are yours to explore and enjoy. 


Billed as Yelp for pets, Yapsie allows pet owners to connect with pet friendly businesses and venues around the globe. Whether you’re looking for a dog park in New York City or a cat boarding facility in Los Angeles, Yapsie can help you find it. The site offers online forums where community members can interact with other pet owners. Dog lovers can connect with other dog enthusiasts in their own local community or half a world away. 


Similar to Yapsie, Dogster is all about building a community around dog lovers. From sharing heartfelt dog memorials to funny dog stories and confessions, Dogster connects users with other Fido loving enthusiasts. The site offers everything from healthy feeding tips for your dog to video tutorials on making dog biscuits. With over 90,000 Facebook likes, the site is so popular it has spun off a sister site, Catster.


Spotwag combines dog loving and social media to solve a common problem for pet owners: finding trustworthy pet sitters. The site helps dog owners connect with trusted Facebook friends in order to find a Fido friendly short-term home, allowing pet owners to take a vacation minus their furry companion. Pet owners can pay pet sitters in their currency of choice: cash, karma, trade, whatever.

Dog Vacay

Similar to Spotwag, Dog Vacay connects dog owners with community members interested in caring for canine companions. The site offers a satisfaction guarantee and qualifies all pet sitters. Dog Vacay offers veterinary support as well as pet insurance. If you’re like me and suffer from DDD (Doggy Detachment Disorder), now we can receive photo updates of doggy while the two of us are so unbearably separated. Photo 1. Tucker sleeping. Photo 2. Tucker sleeping. Photo 3. Tucker sleeping, etc.

Doggy Loot

Like Groupon for pets, Doggy Loot allows registered users to save up to 75% off the cost of pet supplies and services. From pet grooming deals to dog toys and accessories, the site offers daily deals on a wide variety of Fido friendly treats.

Way Cool Dogs

Not just another dog blog, this dedicated community forum offers insightful posts and useful commentary on dog health problems and solutions. Hosted by an artist, author, great grandmother and dog rescue warrior form Nebraska, you’ll find this website is the real deal. If you’ve ever known the joy of rescuing an abused, abandoned dog that nobody else would take, you’ll feel right at home on this site. 

Bookmark these dog-friendly websites on your favorite digital toy. Combine two of your favorite passions – dogs and the Internet – into one. Connect with a variety of canine specific websites while exploring new ways to spend quality time with your dog. All this plus a wet and sloppy kiss from your furry friend? Really, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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