Does anyone know of an alternative holistic thyroid medication?

by Bonnie Evans
(Marysville, Ca 95901)

My Cocker contracted Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia from having two rabies shots and immunizations too close together. Apparently, he received these shots as a puppy and then 10 months later by the dog pound I got him from. It almost destroyed his thyroid plus his lower tear ducts in his eyes and maybe his adrenal gland.(we have not gotten it tested yet) In laymans terms, his immune system attacked himself, a very common problem from the very shots we give them to protect them from diseases. I am having problems trying to find a holistic vet in my area. Johnny, my cocker, is allergic to Solexine, the only thyroid medication for dogs on the market. My vet will get him the holistic thyroid care he needs, I just have to tell her where to check or who to call for the information.

Does anyone have a dog allergic to Solexine that has to be on a holistic medication for their thyroid? He is loosing the hair on his belly and keeps getting yeast infections all over.

Incidently, I have discovered a great cure for yeast infections in dogs and people because of Johnny's constant battle with it. A product called Threelac taken twice a day works every time. Just google Threelac for the information. I desparatly need some information to help my, now, 47lb Cocker. The large doses of Prednisone he took for his crisis just ballooned him from 25lbs to 47 lbs in two weeks I am also going to send his lab work to Jean Dobbs, a foremost authority on thyroid disease in small animals. My vet tested his thyroid and his t4 was 1.5 which is low. If you can help me please email me at

PS. thanks for the tip on the alcohol in Petzlife. I'll switch Johnny to DentaSure. He doesn't need anymore problems!

Bonnie Evans, Marysville, Ca

Hello Bonnie,

Thank you for your question, our natural,organic herbal remedy for dogs with hypothyroidism is our Primalix TSH. Please see


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