Common Flea and Tick Powder Almost Killed My Cat

by Rita
(Niceville, FL)

My Buddy of Many Years--Supa

My Buddy of Many Years--Supa

Last summer I went nuts with fleas on my cat. In my desperate attempt to get rid of these pesky things--I used over-the-counter Sergeant's Flea and Tick Powder. I was warned by a very good veterinarian in Ohio never ever to use this type of powder. However, due to my limited funds, I went ahead and used it. Within one day my beautiful cat, Supa, was missing. I found him the next morning in my outside a/c unit. He was limp and dehydrated.

I rushed him into the vet. After an intense examination, the vet informed me that it was the powder that made Supa sick. The powder was quickly washed off. Later that day, Supa began to perk up and came home. It took a while for him to gain his weight back. Although thinner for a while, happily Supa returned to his normal crazy self.

I would never recommend the dangerous pesticide type powder I used to anyone. I am now in the process of getting the TripleSure and know from all I have read and the testimonies of current TripleSure users, it will work.

Thank you Gary for introducing such a great product for animals and humans too.

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by: Guy

My cats name is Supa as well , I'm glad to hear your Supa is ok, and thanks for bringing awareness to these dangerous chemicals ! Aloha and thanks again !

Another one of Supa's friends

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