5 Chihuahua Worm Prevention Plan

Natural Pet Health Forum reader Antoinette asks:

I have been looking all over the internet for a product to fix worms or stop them. Im not sure if my dogs had worms. Please tell me if you think they might have had worms. They seem gone now since I used Albon from a vet and Pyrantel pamoate OTC from petsmart. One puppy 12 weeks and the other puppy 20 weeks had a stool with a jellylike subtance and a drop of blood at the end. After giving the above medications I don't see the slimy stools. Was this somekind of worm? what kind? Now I would like to keep them clean from getting worms. Testing them costs a fortune. I have 5 chihuahuas ranging from 18 pounds to 3 pounds. How long will the 2 jars last me? How do you know the worms will never come back? And what do you use for the puppies?How much does it cost for shipping and handling. I live in New Jersey.

Here is our Editor's answer:

Hello Antoinette,

Thank you for your questions about dog worms in your 5 Chihuahuas. I will give you the best answers possible but will not attempt any diagnosis. Without stool samples for testing and examination I have only your description of the symptoms to go on. The slimy/bloody stools you observed in your 12 and 20 week old Chihuahua puppies could have been caused by any number of conditions, with dog worms or other internal parasites being one of many possibilities.

Remember, over 90% of puppies are born with worms according to the FDA’s Center For Veterinary Medicine, and both dog and cat newborns can get worms after birth through their mother’s milk. Dog worms and cat worms are fairly well tolerated in puppies and kittens. Unless symptoms of worms are severe and pose imminent danger to the animal, the best thing you can do is allow your puppies to grow and develop to about 6 months of age before doing anything.

Symptoms of dog worms and cat worms to watch for include a dull coat, loss of appetite, loss of weight, development of a pot belly (especially in puppies), low energy level, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and “butt scooting” along the carpet. In a litter of puppies or kittens, these symptoms should be observed relative to the other siblings. If one of your Chihuahuas shows any of these symptoms distinctly more than the others, then that one may be the one to watch.

The answer to your question, “How do you know the worms will never come back?” is simply, you don’t. Worms are one of the most successful species on the planet, predating human evolution by untold millennia. Their sole motivation is to survive and propagate. With hundreds of thousands of different species, worms can infect humans and animals through an action so sleight as inhaling a breath of air.

Your best defense now that symptoms in your 5 Chihuahuas are gone is to place them on routine maintenance. In my extensive research, our own FourGuard Herbal Parasite Formula is quite honestly the best short-term and long-term defense against dog worms and cat worms. I apologize if this sounds like a shameless plug for our product, but the four natural, certified organic herbs combined in FourGuard have been used longer and with more success against worms and internal parasites than any other natural product on the market.

Again, you should allow your puppies to mature to at least 6 months of age before starting them on a preventive maintenance program. For dogs and cats 20 lbs. and under, give them ¼ teaspoon once each week. Since Chihuahuas are especially small, you may want to reduce the dose by half for dogs 10 lbs. and under. At this rate, two jars of FourGuard should last your 5 Chihuahuas about 4 months.

Dogs are much easier to treat than cats. With dogs, simply sprinkle FourGuard on their food or roll the appropriate dose up in a ball of peanut butter. They love it. But cats, as any cat lover will tell you, are a different story. Cats will avoid any food that does not smell like something they’re used to eating. Many of our cat customers have been successful sprinkling FourGuard on tuna fish, sardines or anchovies – anything with a strong fishy smell. Whether it’s dogs or cats, it may take a bit of coaxing, but the payoff of a happy and healthy best friend is well worth the effort.

And to answer your final question, you may want to consider our Buy-One-Get-One Free Special on FourGuard. When you buy one jar for the regular price of $39.95, we’ll send you a second jar free. Shipping and handling for any quantity is only $6.95 to any state in the USA.

Thank you so much for sharing your questions on our Natural Pet Health Forum. Please write back often and let us know how you and your Chihuahuas are getting along.

Kind regards,

Gary Le Mon, Herbalist

FourGuard Herbal Parasite Formula

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