Cat Fleas in the Lawn!!

by Gayla
(San Jose, CA, US)

We seem to have cat fleas in our lawn, due to neighbors cats using our yard. Recently we've put up a barrier to keep them off the lawn, so now they sit just outside the barrier in shrubs. Each time my little Yorkie goes outside she comes in with fleas on her!!

I have bombed my house, sprayed all around the yard with malathion, washed every blanket and dog bed in the house, two weeks ago. Finally, now I am only seeing maybe 1 flea a day. But I know they are still in the yard!

Even using the monthly flea remedies on my poor baby, they seem to still be able to survive. I am bombing the house again this week and spraying the yard AGAIN. Praying the cold rainy weather will soon help the kill them off.

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