STOP Cat Flea Bites,
Ticks, Bedbugs and Mites

TripleSure NEO (No Essential Oils) with extracts of Rosemary and Vanilla kills fleas, ticks, bedbugs and mites fast - is 100% safe for Cats and Kittens.

Dear Cat Lover,

TripleSure NEO for Cats

Cat flea bites can now become a thing of the past. Your cat and home can stay flea free thru the entire season with the power of natural herbs.

You can have the comfort of knowing your natural flea control is made especially with cat safety in mind. And you can have it all with an un-heard-of 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

But if you and your feline are now at the point where a cat flea treatment has become necessary, then you have a decision to make before making your purchase. In recent years there has emerged a growing debate about cats and essential oils.

Two Cat Fancy Camps

One side of the controversy says that certain essential oils go unprocessed in a cat's liver to the point of serious toxicity. They advocate using no essential oils. The other side says it all depends on the purity and strength (or weakness) of the essential oils being used together with the experience level of the user.

We call the first group the NEO (No Essential Oils) Cat People, and the second group the Traditional Cat People. Here's how the two camps differ:

A small but credible number of NEO Cat People warn us that Felis Catus as a species lacks the enzyme glucuronyl tranferases, which is necessary to metabolize certain plant constituents, namely terpenoids, found in certain essential oils. This prohibits the detoxification process of hepatic glucuronidation, leading to a serious buildup in the liver and symptoms of toxicity.

But then ...

Natural Wonder Pets cat

On the other side of the controversy, a small but equally credible number of Traditional Cat People see the issue differently. Over many years of holistic veterinary experience with cats, aromatherapy and essential oils, this group has observed multiple health benefits and virtually none of the adverse symptoms described by the NEO group.

They attribute any possible adverse effects of essential oils on cats to a probable lack of oil purity and/or improper (often undiluted) use of essential oils.

This group's empirical evidence through holistic veterinary experience may explain the reason our own TripleSure 100% Natural Flea & Tick treatment has proven safe and effective, having sold tens of thousands of bottles since 2005 without a single report of adverse effects in cats, dogs or people.

So now it's your choice

TripleSure Trigger and ragular sprayer

If you’re a Traditional Cat Person there’s good ol' TripleSure traditional with our proven, natural, award winning formula of cedar oil and peppermint oil. Tens of thousands of flea-free cats and cat lovers (dogs, too!) find it safe and effective year after year. Available in 16 oz finger-pump sprayer or "any position" trigger sprayer.

On the other hand, with our new TripleSure NEO (below) you can now kill cat fleas, ticks, bedbugs and mites naturally, with 100% safety because of No Essential Oils. Available in convenient, 16 oz "any position" trigger sprayer.

How is TripleSure NEO both Safe and Effective?

Somewhat like a hydrosol (a cat-safe by-product of essential oil distillation), we extract only the water soluble parts of the plant's chemistry. The extraction process is a chemical reaction where "like attracts like." Our slow, cold water process captures the beneficial constituents but leaves behind the oil-based terpenoids (which are not water soluble) to be discarded.

Get rid of cat flea bites, ticks, mites and bedbugs for good. Our proprietary formula is rich in Rosmarinic acid from USDA Certified Organic Rosemary leaf extract (7.750%). We combine this powerful bio-pesticide with pure Vanilla extract and Citric acid to produce a lethal, 3-way cocktail that quickly kills fleas on cats, kills ticks, bedbugs and mites - safely - like nothing else in the natural flea control market today - at any price!

But is TripleSure NEO Guaranteed?*

Absolutely! In fact, we're so sure you and your felines are going to be so completely satisfied with TripleSure NEO that we give you a full 90 days to return it, no questions asked.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the safety and efficacy of TripleSure NEO, please return the unused portion for a refund of your purchase price, less s & h. This way, we take all the risk and you get all the reward! So say Meow to NEO now.

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