Bruno-NKC American Bulldog, 11 Months

by Bruno's mom
(Portland OR)

Soooooo, I read the postsand thought Id add my own. Diarrhea for Bruno is described as well formed and shaped stools that are sift and cannot be picked up because they turn to mush. Vet says this is considered diarrhea. Hes always had it, according to his previous owner. So.... To add to this, he has his first ear infection and I'm on week 3 of antibiotics.

His eyes are red often, vet says normal for breed. (This is my first bulldog) After reading all the posts, before changing his food, (Nutro Large Breed Puppy, chicken), I'm going to begin adding bit of pumpkin to his kibble. I plan to slowly make changes in his diet, one thing at a time. He's currently 71 lbs.

His treats are dehydrated sweet potato slivers, or tiny little crunchy bone shaped treats I buy for my Chihuahuas. They get one, he gets 1, they weigh, 4, 4.5, and 6 pounds respectively.

When I first got him he had watery stool. His food was changed 6 or 7 times before I got him. I've had him 4 Months.

I will keep you posted with my step 1, add pumpkin.

Note, I've had his DNA tested for both breed and basic diseases. Results not in. This is a service provided under his care plan for no additional fee. Why not do it, right! I'll let you know the results.

Til next time,
Brunos mom

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