All Natural and organic products for my doggie - sign me up, please!

by Denise M.

Giving my sweet little dog, Ife' (rhymes with e-bay) spot-on flea and tick prevention, as well as heartworm drugs every month always felt wrong to me. I have been living my life as naturally as possible for over 35 years, so I really had problems giving him those products.

I was overjoyed when I found your website. My first purchase was the TripleSure which has been a pure blessing! We have had no problems with either fleas or ticks and wish to keep it that way. I have used it to protect myself from mosquitoes when in my garden and its has been most effective. I then decided to try the MaxoTox as a means to help eliminate toxins which undoubtedly have built up in Ife's system over the years (he will be 8 in October); and in addition, I added the Primalix Immune to give him an immune system boost which I feel can only help to keep him healthy.

I do have a question which I hope you will be able to answer soon. Because my husband and I let Ife' sleep on our bed, every night I take the time to wipe him down with either organic doggie wipes, or sometimes I'll use a washcloth dampened with diluted vinegar. I am wondering if this might negate the effects of the TripleSure to protect him. As a safeguard, I have been spraying him almost every day to make sure he is protected, but needless to say, I have almost completely used up a 6 month supply in less than 3 months.

Additionally, we recently learned that Ife' has stage 1 cataracts, so my next purchase will be the Primalix Cataractin. I have high hopes that this product will help to keep his vision from further deterioration.

Thank you for caring enough about our four legged family members to develop such effective and non toxic products.
Warm regards, Denise & Ife'
Sept., 2012

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