4 dogs 4 cancers one tie

by Katie Abrams
(Marshfield MO)

I had 2 labs, 1 mix mutt, and one Chinese Crested... My labs were mixes, who lived basicaly outside and inside, ate premium kibble, and were EXCEPTIONALY loved and taken care of. Vet checks all the time teeth, etc...

My Mutt came to live with me from who knows where, makes his rounds between my house and a couple of my neighbors. He eats any and everything, Is well taken care of medicaly now that I own him, and of course loved!

My Chinese Crested is SPOILED TOTALY rotten... Eats only home made food, with all natural suppelments, lives inside. If he blinks wrong I run him to the vet all worried!

My two wonderful labs died a year apart from each other,from cancer, one sinus, one lyphoma. Then the next year Tucker (the mutt) had a giant cancerous tumor come up fast and had it removed.. And Orca the Crested the same year had a cancerous tumor behind his elbow removed as well... The ONLY thing besides living on the same property was I use to use Frontline on all of my dogs. When Orca's tumor showed up I threw the frontline in the trash and haven't touched any thing since...

I've used all kinds of natural remedys, some not so good, some ok... Gonna try the TripleSure, I read good reviews about it on holistic sites, not just here where they sell it...

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I feel your pain
by: Linda

Hello -

Your story truly resonated with me. I was the proud and loving parent of the most amazingly healthy border collie, Zoe. She redefined the meaning of "life force." Same as you, I fed her only premium kibble and human food, consulted our vet regularly, provided daily exercise fitting of a border collie, tons of 'field trips' for her social needs and so on. After a bad reaction to a lepto-parvo vaccine (at age two), I switched to titering her annually and never had to subject her to another vaccine (except for the required-by-law Rabies shot). Anyway, we had a very bad year with fleas and I resigned myself to applying FrontLine that summer (four times) and K9 Advantix the next summer. The following November, with no warning, we learned that she was consumed with cancer and that there was no treatment. I had taken her to see four different specialists (as recently as the same week that she died) for a single toe nail that was not healing from an injury. No one was looking for cancer in this happy dog. I then brought her to an internist and was assured that she had simply been on the wrong antibiotics. The next day I brought her back to the same practice, insisting that they take another look. Xrays and an ultrasound revealed the truth. We were referred to the reknowned NC State Vet School. Her cancer was too far advanced for any form of treatment. We could not even bring her home with us. Time was of the essence. She was euthanized the next day and I still miss her beyond words. I have been on a mission ever since to NOT subject our other rescue dog, Max, to ANYthing that might ultimately kill him. He is on a grain free, human grade dog food and a number of supplements. I withheld Interceptor during the winter, resuming at the first sign of a mosquito (after a blood test). Last year was a never ending battle with fleas, using every holistic product I could find. Nothing worked (externally applied or taken orally). So I am so very ready to try the Triple Sure product. In North Carolina, we are about to begin the flea and tick season. I will report back sometime down the road after using this new product. So sorry for the loss of your beloved pets... Linda

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