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Natural Wonder Pets formulates and manufactures proprietary, all-natural, holistic, alcohol-free, small batch Organic Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Your search ends here. The stories are true. You have found our quiet little pet apothecary that has been built entirely on word of mouth. Spontaneously and of their own volition, our customers built us the way they wanted a natural pet health care website to be. And their unbridled voices continue spreading the word about how our proprietary formula, veterinary-herbal pet medications are "nothing short of miraculous!"

Please join us on the high road to natural abundance, radiant good health, primal longevity, and peak performance as Nature desires for dogs and cats and all living things.

But watch out. With toxic chemical flea and tick sprays out there, pet oral care products laced with 190 proof alcohol, and sudden "experts" in herbal remedies for dogs and cats coming out of thin air ... wouldn't it be nice to find a natural pet health care products company to feel comfortable with? One that's ridiculously honest and will strive to earn your trust long term?

Ours is a labor of love. And we're on a mission.

Family of the Primalix herbal extract productsPrimalix Herbal Extracts (Glycerites)

We know how much you love your pets. As a family owned and operated manufacturer of herbal remedies for dogs and cats with plenty of pets of our own, we care about the same things you do. So we sell manufacturer-direct-to-consumer. No middleman. You save money.

We make and sell only our own pet health care products so we know exactly what's in them. Our product line of 33 veterinary-naturopathic medicines covers a broad range of conditions. And no other hands touch our products, from fresh-cut herbs to the finished package, until they reach your caring hands.

Once difficult, now easy:

Lab scientists

Most manufacturers' claims of "natural" ingredients are within FDA's allowable limits of deception. FDA doesn't have a definition for natural, but we do and it's not complicated. At Natural Wonder Pets, if the ingredients are not literally, totally, honestly natural, we won't make it or sell it. It's that simple, that easy.

We're a rare species of eclectic herbal apothecary known as a small batch manufacturer. Pet lovers love us because our products are made fresh daily, never warehoused, and shipped out promptly.

Most pet health care manufacturers' products are mass produced (for maximum profitability) using straight grain alcohol as a preservative (harmful to dogs and cats) then shipped to unsuspecting consumers after 1 to 5 years of gathering dust in a warehouse.

Our manufacturing practices meet or exceed the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices. But our methods have evolved from years of research and testing in loving family environments, not in heartless animal testing laboratories.

At Natural Wonder Pets ...

our formulas contain
only the pure essentials, meaning

  • No GMOs
  • No fillers
  • No grains
  • No yeast
  • No gluten
  • No sugars
  • No alcohol
  • No binders
  • No excipients
  • No starches
  • Nothing synthetic
    to cheapen the formula

... all products proudly made in the USA
... all hand-crafted by our Master Herbalist and expert staff
... all USDA Certified Organic or ethically Wildharvested, human food grade, alcohol-free ingredients

Medical Insignea

Our mission here at Natural Wonder Pets is to create and deliver directly to you the consumer the most wholesome, naturally safe and effective pet health care products your hard earned money can buy.

 Our reason for being in business couldn't be simpler - "to find and keep customers." That's it.

 And now that we've found you, we understand our job is to keep you by earning your business one order at a time.

 We thank you for visiting Natural Wonder Pets. Rest assured, there is no higher level of quality or compassion in pet herbal medicine anywhere on the Planet, at any price. So spread the word!

Master Herbalist and owner Gary Le Mon

Gary Le Mon is a Board Certified Master Herbalist specializing in natural home remedies for dogs and cats. He is certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the American Botanical Council. Founder and chief formulator of Natural Wonder Products, Gary, now retired, dedicated himself to caring for animals and the formulation, testing and distribution of Earth-friendly, 100% natural veterinary-naturopathic medicine.

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