Non-Toxic Worm Remedies
for Dogs and Cats

by Gary Le Mon

Non-toxic worm remedies are popular these days because worms are one of the most disgusting things a pet owner can encounter. And because natural, herbal pet remedies are surging in public appeal.

Most owners do not realize their pet has worms until the pet actually passes the worms to the outside. Signs are often present like thin, potbellied, ravenous appetite among others, although not all cases of worms present themselves the same.

Once you find your pet has intestinal worms, you need to rid your pet and home of them quickly. Numerous types of worms can be transferred from pets to humans rather easily, and children are often the victims of accidental worm transference.

There are several steps one should take to rid a pet of worm infestation and prevent future occurrences. Here are some of the steps to take:

1. If your pet has a severe case of worms already, even many holistic vets will recommend a de-wormer available at your vet’s office. While these are chemically based (not non-toxic worm remedies), many feel it is warranted to clear the pet’s intestinal tract quickly and then work to restore your pet’s gastrointestinal tract with friendly bacteria. (Zucker 1999, 216).

2. However, if you would rather steer clear of chemical de-wormers altogether, there are non-toxic worm remedies that are perfectly natural. Some of the most common herbal remedies include neem and/or clove. If the herb is too bitter tasting for your pet, you can wrap the powders into cheese balls or bacon “sandwiches” for easy administration. To avoid formulation errors when creating herbal de-wormers yourself, there are natural products available as well. Whatever method you select should be approved by your veterinarian or a Master Herbalist.

3. In addition to herbal, non-toxic worm remedies, there are other supplements available. Sandy Arora in her book titled Whole Health for Happy Cats suggests ground up pumpkin seeds or pureed carrots added to each meal. This method works to flush out tapeworms. She also suggests different kinds of digestive enzymes like bromelain and papain (Arora 2006, 137).

4. Most holistic veterinarians agree that a truly healthy pet is not a good host for parasites. Another suggestion some have for increasing the vitality of your pet is to add probiotics to its meal. During an interview with Pat Lazarus for her book titled Keep Your Cat Healthy the Natural Way, Dr. Neal K. Weiner touted the importance of probiotics to encourage friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. “When you get the intestinal flora working properly, the worms just get flushed out—no matter what type of worms they are,” he said (Lazarus 1999, 223).

5. Good housekeeping is also necessary for prevention. Make sure to pick up all waste in the yard immediately. Scoop out litter boxes everyday. After a bout with worms, throw out all used litter and wash the box in hot, soapy water followed up with a bleach solution. Fill with new litter.

These are the most effective tips for ridding your pet of intestinal worms and parasites. An ounce of prevention works wonders, and you’ll be able to keep your dog or cat happy, healthy, and worm free.

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