Pet Grounding Beds:
Natural Arthritis Treatment
for Dogs and Cats 

by Gary Le Mon

Is there a natural arthritis treatment for dogs and cats flowing from the earth beneath our feet? Can a cat and dog grounding bed channel this primal, healing energy into my arthritic pet?

Elderly man, dog and cat

Like humans, cats and dogs begin to feel their years and are equally subject to common diseases of aging such as arthritis.

You may notice your pet spending more time on the couch than in play and may show signs of discomfort after long walks or outdoor activities.

Your arthritic dog or cat can benefit from a little extra consideration in his or her golden years. A healing device known as a grounding bed has been clinically proven to help relieve pain and eliminate stiffness in your pet's joints.

Arthritis In Cats and Dogs 
Arthritis in pets is much the same as it is in humans. Osteo-arthritis (OA) occurs when tissue around the joints becomes inflamed due to wear-and-tear that doesn't mend itself as fast as it breaks down. Animals that have been highly active or have spent a great deal of time outdoors may be particularly susceptible to inflammation of the joints as they age, but any animal can become arthritic. Moreover, any animal can develop rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with pain and inflammation similar to OA but with a different set of contributing factors.  

At first, your pet may show a few signs of discomfort. Dogs may become slow to rise from lying down. Cats may show less inclination for jumping up on furniture. Pain and disability may increase gradually until the pet is disinclined to move around. However, gentle movement is important for keeping arthritic joints flexible. Your veterinarian can take x-rays to determine how much damage to joints has occurred. Prescription drugs can be recommended to reduce pain and inflammation. Many responsible pet owners prefer the broad range of holistic techniques that can aid in relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness in cat and dog arthritis. Massage, acupuncture and herbal supplements are just a few of these methods.

How Can Grounding/Earthing Help? 
Grounding, also called earthing, is a technique of connecting with the ground's healing energy to treat physical problems. The earth is rich in electrical energy that can help to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Early humans lived in close contact with the earth, interacting with its electron energy on a regular basis. However, modern man has very little contact with the energy that comes from the ground. People are either indoors or wearing shoes, generally of synthetic materials that limit contact with grass, dirt, sand and rocks.

Grounding provides a way to be in contact with the earth's surface regardless of lifestyle and provides the free flow of electrons that help reduce heart disease, arthritis, inflammatory bowel conditions and other health problems. Pets also live a modern life with little contact with the earth and are subject to the same inflammation and high stress levels that humans experience. A pet grounding bed can be an excellent natural arthritis treatment for dogs and cats as well.

The Science Behind Grounding/Earthing
Front and center in the theory of grounding, or earthing, is the electrical energy given off by the ground itself. These electrons interact with the body and appear to increase antioxidants that fight free radicals associated with disease states. The modern habit of avoiding contact with the earth prevents these electrons from their natural interaction. Grounding provides a way to connect to the earth once again to distribute these electron forces to the body regardless of lifestyle.

Grounding Products for Pets
Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D. studied the effects of the technique in 2013 and found that grounding produced thinning and de-coupling of blood cells. Gaetan Chevalier PhD at the California Institute for Human Science also engaged in a study that provided evidence that showed grounding reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, which is known to contribute to inflammatory conditions. These results show that grounding can provide benefits not only for humans, but also for pets that share their lifestyles and are subject to the same unnatural physical environment.

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