Is grapeseed extract harmful to dogs???

An anonymous writer asks:

Hi I know grapes are extremely harmful to dogs, what make the extract of the grape seed different? and over time will it harm my dogs?


Dear Anonymous,

I assume you're referring to the grape seed extract in our DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray & Gel for Dogs & Cats (and people).

Seems that several times a year somebody writes me with a news flash that grapes are bad for dogs. This is absolutely correct. But what is incorrect is that grape seed extract is bad for dogs. The chemical composition of the fruit and the seed are about 180 degrees apart.

Grape seed extract is a highly valuable supplement for dogs, providing countless nutrients and antioxidants. Many holistic veterinarians encourage using grape seed extract on dogs. In fact, you and your vet may be interested in more research at You'll find that grape seed extract really is a wonderfully nutritive supplement for dogs.

Hope this helps.

Gary Le Mon

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Big help! Thx!!!
by: Anonymous

I have been giving my dog grapeseed extract for a few years with no ill effects.

by: Anonymous

My dog just ate my sugar scrub made with grapeseed oil. Your thorough post helped me quickly determine if a trip to the vet was necessary.

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