Is grape seed oil toxic to pets? (Ingredient in a human seaweed snack)

by Sarah
(Fredericksburg VA)

I recently purchased a dehydrated, roasted seaweed food products FOR HUMANS from Costco. My Bearded Collie had one thin sheet of it and sat waiting for more. I read the ingredients to find: dehydrated seaweed, sesame oil, and grapeseed oil. I did not let her eat more after reading 'grape seed' oil as I thought that could be a toxic ingredient to dogs.

Thanks for the information.


Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your question and photo of your beautiful dogs.

Grape SKIN and PULP have been associated with renal failure in dogs and cats. Grapes and raisins are definitely out. The grape SEED, however, is not toxic but loaded with beneficial Omega-6 fatty acids and other plant constituents. Both grape seed oil and extract contribute to healthier tissue, shiner coat, stronger teeth and gums, and a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. Plant protein such as seaweed cannot replace meat protein for dogs, but it's not bad in moderation. If your pack likes it, I say go for it!

Gary Le Mon

P.S. Grape seed extract has been an ingredient in our DentaSure from the beginning.

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by: Anonymcliffous

I started giving my Shepard grape seed oil by default hoping it was good....Thank you for information......

Wouldn't recommend Seaweed snack
by: Anonymous

As far as the Cosco seaweed, snack, it has salt on it and salt is bad for dogs and also found that the sesame oil doesn't sit well with my dog...wouldn't recommend feeding them the seaweed snack it's fried and gives my other dog acid reflux. There are a few great articles on what is good and bad for dogs as far as fruits and veggies, you can google it.

Good to know
by: Mary M

Thanks for the info on grapeseed oil. I put a tsp or so on her food daily, and she gobbles it up. Otherwise, she picks at her food. Thanks!

Topical Grape seed oil for pet skin problems
by: elisheba bridgebuilder

I used to rub grape seed oil on my cat's skin whenever she had any skin inflammation - it cured the problem quickly.

Need to know about grapeseed oil
by: Annette

Thank you for all the great info, God Bless You!!!!

seaweed with grapeseed oil
by: Max & Sammee

The seaweed with grapeseed oil product indeed sounds yummu & healthy!! However, since seaweed is intrinsically high in salt content, so you might want to seriously limit your pup's intake!
God bless you all with more Love & Light!!!

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