Dog Arthritis Pain?

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... and now you can rescue your best friend from swollen joints, stiffened hips, and aching legs & paws.

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Discover our revolutionary drug-free treatment that helps stop dog connective tissue problems in their tracks … helps REBUILD cartilage ... and RESTORE mobility in 30 days or less!

Dear Dog (and Cat) Lover:

Imagine dog arthritis a thing of the past. Our special Arthritis Double Power Pack gives you TWO 100% natural treatments that work hand-in-hand like a match made in heaven.

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You’re about to discover …

finger   Why medical science calls these ingredients a “revolutionary breakthrough” … even though they’ve been around for thousands of years

finger   Why enlightened doctors use them for their own arthritis pain … even though they are forbidden to prescribe them to you

finger   Why holistic veterinarians “in the know” use them on their own dogs … but they can’t send you home with a couple bottles for your dog

The first treatment uses the single most important herb in all of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Rehmannia Root – combined with three additional herbs that return inflammation to a state of homeostasis. This gives your dog a safe, non-toxic reduction in pain, joint inflammation and swelling, and an increase in joint mobility associated with arthritis – all without drugs or NSAIDs.

The second treatment literally flushes toxins from tissue cells. Then it delivers a natural substance called hyaluronic acid (hy•a•lu•ron•ic acid) found in the synovial fluid that is responsible for cushioning within your dog’s aching joints. ABC Prime Time News did a feature story on this fascinating joint rejuvinator.

We’ll come back to our Dog Arthritis Double Power Pack in just a minute. But first, as we always do in holistic medicine, let’s delve into the root of the problem.

Understanding The Problem

dog connective tissue

Dog arthritis is a connective tissue disorder. It grows progressively worse with time. There is no cure, and most treatments from the medical establishment cause side effects that can lead to liver failure, digestive disorders, and possible blindness. There’s even a chance of heart attack and stroke.

What’s worse, most conventional veterinarians unfairly dismiss the natural remedies that, according to a 2001 study published in the journal Rheumatology and a 2007 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, have been clinically proven to relieve pain every bit as effectively as dangerous (even life-threatening) non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

2 Kinds of Arthritis

Arthritis – whether human or dog arthritis – can be tied to the ageing process. Or it can be an auto-immune disorder that is believed to be an over-reaction of the immune system to allergens invading the body.

Osteoarthritis (OA) – often referred to as Degenerative Arthritis – is the breakdown and eventual loss of cartilage or “cushioning” between the bones of the joints. Erroneously believed to be a condition of normal ageing, it is the most common form of arthritis in dogs.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a long-term inflammatory disorder that primarily affects the joints in a dog’s hips, legs and paws. The pain and swelling caused by this auto-immune disease can eventually result in bone erosion and joint deformity, and can affect the lungs, heart and other organs.

Symptoms of both OA and RA dog arthritis include:

  • weight gain
  • loss of appetite
  • morning stiffness
  • difficulty sitting or standing
  • difficulty rising from a resting position
  • limping and favoring one or more limbs
  • showing signs of pain when touched or petted
  • decreased alertness and more time spent sleeping
  • joints appear swollen and often painful when touched
  • loss of interest in running, jumping, playing, and climbing stairs

2 Major Hurdles

The major hurdles in treating either form of dog arthritis – whether osteoarthritis or rheumatiod arthritis – have always been two-fold:

First, how to alleviate the pain without inflicting further damage. Painkillers commonly used by conventional vets (NSAIDs) are well known to cause

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Fluid retention (Edema)
  • Ulcers
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure

And second, how to plump up vital synovial fluid to cushion the joints without resorting to painful injections or dangerous corticosteroids.


About those painful injections? The idea is to inject hyaluronic acid (so helpful in energizing the “cushioning” synovial fluid) into your dog’s joints. Call me a sissy, but if you’re like me, the thought of anybody jabbing a large needle into my dog’s already aching joints is just not an option. It would hurt me more than it would hurt him (or her).

And about the use of artificial corticosteroids? Because these drugs suppress your dog’s immune system, you can expect a long list of side effects, like

  • Diabetes
  • Cataracts
  • Weight gain
  • Blindness (Glaucoma)
  • Fluid retention (Edema)
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive barking, whining

The list of side effects goes on and on, but I think you get the picture. The stark reality is there are no good fixes in modern conventional medicine. I mean, we can put a man on the moon but we can’t treat dog arthritis without reducing the poor pooch to a bed-ridden wreck with one paw in the grave!

Back To Basics, Back To Nature

dog jumping

The good news is that safe, natural remedies are “discovered” in scientific laboratories more often than we hear about on the evening news. They’re far more effective than the big drug giants want us to believe. And they don’t make our beloved doggies suffer all those debilitating side effects.

Just for a moment, remember when that dog at your feet had the strength and flexibility of a puppy – the running and jumping, fetching and scampering. Then dog arthritis set in. If you’re like me, it pulls at your heart to think those days are gone forever.

Let’s face it: we know all too well that helpless feeling … knowing they’re in pain, and struggling for something that will make the hurt go away. Incredible as it seems, we here at Natural Wonder Products believe we have formulated a truly remarkable – and superior – solution to the problem. And you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. Maybe even excited!

Primalix Arthridia testimonial

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Dog Arthritis Double Power Pack
First Treatment

Primalix Arthridia bottle

Primalix Arthridia™ is an herbal extract (dietary supplement) for the natural relief of pain and inflammation. It is one of our Functional Food Drops™ that you conveniently add to any dog food. A dropper or two can do what no pain pill on earth can do.

Arthridia’s formula is elegant in its simple spectrum of herbs, including Rehmannia Root, Bupleurum Root, Sarsaparilla Root, and Ginger.

I know. Weird sounding names, right? But let’s take them one at a time and see how they bring natural relief of pain and swelling to your dog’s aching joints.

Arthridia's Legendary Ingredients

Rehmannia Root has been revered as the most important of all herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. What’s more, it belongs to a small group of herbs that are used in clinical practice specifically to treat autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. Its anti-inflammatory action has been shown in animal models to reduce inflammation by affecting central nervous system immune cells called astrocytes (Kim et al., 1999).

Among Rehmannia’s most abundant active constituents are iridoid glycosides, whose main function is to stimulate production of adrenal cortical hormones. It is these hormones that are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, quickly reducing pain and inflammation. The use of Rehamannia Root in treating cat and dog arthritis is truly an ancient art that has earned validation in modern medical science.

Bupleurum Root also belongs to the small group of herbs used specifically to treat autoimmune diseases. Cited in clinical studies as an herb that acts on the liver to increase protein synthesis, Bupleurum reduces inflammation by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins. These messenger molecules (prostaglandins) are produced throughout the body and transported to local sites where we experience the sensation of pain. When production of prostaglandins is inhibited, the awful aches and pains of both OA and RA vanish just as quickly.

Sarsaparilla Root is the third member of our small group of anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory herbs. Indigenous tribes of Central and South America have used Sarsaparilla for centuries for rheumatism and, among other things, as a blood purifier, muscle builder, and tonic that boosts stamina and energy. Both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, this fine tonic herb completes the spectrum of herbs used to correct diffuse systemic problems such as cat and dog rheumatic conditions. (Sarsaparilla, in Herbal Medicines: A Guide for Health-Care Professionals)

Ginger plays a dual role in our Primlix Arthridia formula. The best-known therapeutic application of Ginger among medical herbalists is as a treatment for motion sickness, seasickness and digestive problems. Ginger also demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects in rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting both cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX) in a natural way that does not upset digestive function. This common herb also inhibits the actions of prostaglandins - the messengers of pain. (Ginger, in Principals and Practice of Phytotherapy)

Why Is ArthridiaTM a Big Deal?

Our legendary formula combining only USDA Certified Organic herbs is a big deal because, say it with me, “A dropper or two can do what no pain pill on earth can do.” This stuff could make pain pills obsolete. How?

Each herb in our formula has undergone extensive clinical trials (both human and animal models) proving to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation as effectively (or more effectively) as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and aspirin – even acetaminophen.

But … (and this is one point all responsible dog lovers really need to understand) NSAIDs work by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzymes. Unfortunately, medications that inhibit COX-2 also inhibit COX-1, which is needed to maintain a dog or cat’s healthy stomach lining and gut.

This is why our pets may suffer NSAID side effects ranging from gastrointestinal bleeding and reduced nutritional uptake to sudden unexplained cardiac arrest.

Veterinarians often prescribe Carprofen (Rimadyl) or Deramaxx or Zubrin or Metacam or Previcox – all of which are popular NSAIDs.

But here’s my question: Doesn’t it make better sense to restore natural wellness in the very systems, glands and organs we were born with – the central nervous system, adrenals and liver – part of whose job is to combat pain and inflammation as a normal biological function in the first place? Isn’t the old pill-popping mentality just -- wrong?

I firmly believe the underlying cause of pain and inflammation as well as a multitude of modern-day diseases is due in part to a lack of daily herbal nutrient intake. Surely, herbs were placed here on Earth for our use and sustenance. In today's world, our companion animals can’t receive nature’s herbal bounty unless we add these vital benefits to their diets.

Dosing Instructions

dropper full

Cats and small dogs (up to 20 lbs.): 1/2 dropper twice daily
Medium dogs (21 to 60 lbs.): 1 dropper twice daily
Large dogs (61 to 100 lbs.): 2 droppers twice daily
Giant dogs (101 lbs. and up) 3 droppers twice daily
Add to food or insert dropper into pet's mouth and discharge.

NOTE: One "dropper" equals one squeeze of the black bulb (1.0mL), which fills the pipette about half full. Refrigerate after opening.
CAUTION: Not recommended for dogs with Cushing's syndrome.

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Primalix Arthridia testimonial

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Dog Arthritis Double Power Pack
Second Treatment

FlexaSure bottle

Let’s be honest: A product that rescues our best friends from the tortures of dog arthritis pain and inflammation is truly a godsend. But it solves only half the problem. We here at Natural Wonder Products refuse to stop short of anything but total victory. We’re dog lovers, too, you know. And that’s why we formulated FlexaSure Cell Cleanse & Joint Hydration Formula.

FlexaSure is a molecular world of wonders. You simply add a teaspoon or so (depending on your dog’s weight) of this pleasant tasting liquid to your dog’s food once or twice a day. That’s it. No awkward pills to swallow.

Its proprietary, triple-stage formula works at the cellular level to cleanse, re-hydrate, and fortify damaged tissue in a truly elegant synergy. Then FlexaSure literally “plumps up” withered joints to make them glide as smooth as silk. It goes beyond the pain to actually help REPAIR the problem by:

  Increasing permeability of cell walls

  Enabling cells to more easily eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients

  Delivering natural hyaluronic acid that stimulates, rejuvenates and re-inflates vital synovial fluid - the cushioning within your dog’s aching joints

Scientific Secrets Revealed

Did you know that damaged cartilage contains less than 33% of the essential sulfur your dog’s joints need for good health?

That’s why our leading active ingredient in FlexaSure is methylsulfonylmethane – MSM. That’s right, MSM – the same natural sulfur you find in certain glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for dog arthritis.

So, what’s the big secret? It’s not the ingredient, it’s the AMOUNT of the ingredient. See, the vast majority of supplement manufacturers give your dog only 250 to 500 milligrams of MSM depending on body weight. Problem is, this dosage falls pitifully short of achieving the desired effects.

Even worse is the limited bio-availability of an ingredient in pill form. Considering a 40 pound dog has only 10 inches of small intestine and 16 inches of large intestine, there is precious little chance the medicine will even get absorbed. Your dog ends up with nothing but expensive urine. And you end up wasting your money.

Ingredients & Bioavailability
Mean Everything

MSM (and its cousin DMSO) was the focus of extensive clinical study by Harvard Medical Researcher Stanley W Jacob, MD. In animal studies conducted at the Oregon Health Sciences University, Dr. Jacob tested MSM on over 12,000 patients. His findings and other research data confirm that the amount and bioavailability of MSM in FlexaSure:

  • Will permeate cell walls allowing essential fluids to cleanse and wash away lactic acid and toxins that cause painful joints and muscles
  • Will rejuvenate tissue cells as healthy nutrients are absorbed more easily through cell walls
  • Will help your dog create new muscles, restore collagen, and rebuild healthy cartilage once again
  • Is up to five times more bioavailable in this pleasant tasting liquid form which you simply add to Doggie’s food
  • Is one of the most abundant natural compounds in the body, with a level of toxicity about the same as ordinary drinking water
  • Provides an average of 1,000 milligrams (one gram) per day for optimum efficacy – more than any other dog arthritis treatment anywhere at any price

A Touch of Traditional Chinese Medicine

chinese skullcap

Every dose of FlexaSure also contains a carefully measured amount of Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis). This ancient herb has clinically confirmed anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory actions.

Its therapeutic effect for pain relief is comparable to the prescription drugs phenylbutazone and indomethacin. However, Chinese skullcap does not have any adverse side effects. Its therapeutic action is due to the high content of flavonoid molecules, which are extremely potent antioxidants and free-radical scavenging compounds.

And Finally ...

Our final ingredient in FlexaSure is a protein component of connective tissue called hyaluronic acid (hy•a•lu•ron•ic acid). This natural wonder is a water-holding molecule found in the synovial fluid of your dog’s joints, cartilage and skin tissue. It fills up the space between cells in the connective tissues and provides the cushioning that allows joints to bend and flex. It has no known side effects.

japanese village

The benefits of hyaluronic acid were virtually unknown to the modern world until ABC’s Prime Time News featuring Connie Chung broke the story – and cracked the code – to this secret nutrient.

It was in November of 2000 that the ABC News Team traveled to Yuzurihara, Japan, known as the “Village of Long Life.” Connie Chung reported on local villagers who were in their 80s and 90s and had flawless skin, strong bones, flexible joints, and near perfect eyesight.


The town doctor, Dr. Toyosuke Komori, discovered the secret fountain of youth after studying the villagers for decades.

Turns out that the local harvest going back untold generations consisted almost entirely of three kinds of potatoes – satsumaimo, satoimo, and imoji – plus a yam-like vegetable called konyaku.

The common nutrient in this diet? You guessed it: Hyaluronic acid.

According to noted health journalist Bill Sardi, author of How To Live 100 Years Without Growing Old, “I wrote the book when I began to see hyaluronic acid work. The first convincing evidence was when my dog of 17 years, a 10 pound Maltese with arthritis, regained his ability to run up stairs again.”

Now you can understand why the very medium we use to dissolve FlexaSure’s other ingredients into is a super rich 50% solution of liquid hyaluronic acid. This gives an average size dog a healthy 24 milligrams of dog arthritis fighting hyaluronic acid per day.

Dosing Instructions

Cats and small Dogs (under 20 lbs.) 1/2 teaspoon twice daily
Medium Dogs (21 to 60 lbs.) 1 teaspoon twice daily
Large Dogs (61 to 100 lbs.) 2 teaspoons twice daily
Giant Dogs (101 lbs. and up) 3 teaspoons twice daily

Primalix Arthridia testimonial

Here’s Everything You Get
In Our Dog Arthritis Double Power Pack

You get a generous 4 ounce amber glass tincture of Primalix Arthridia Natural Pain Relief Formula that gives your dog …

check   Fast relief from inflammation, “the closest thing to a health wonder,” that will rush …

check   Trillions of natural, organic molecules of pain and inflammation-busting herbs to instantly give your dog

  • Freedom from stiff and painful joints
  • No more bone-on-bone grinding
  • Aching hips become a thing of the past
  • Throbbing knees? Not anymore!
  • Pounding legs and paws – gone forever

Plus you get a whopping 16 ounce bottle of FlexaSure Cell Cleanse & Joint Hydration Formula that gives your dog …

check   An average dose of 1,000 milligrams (one gram) of health-giving MSM per day

check   A calibrated dose of Chinese skullcap with potent antioxidants and free-radical scavenging compounds

check   A nutritious, joint-healing infusion of Hyaluronic Acid to plump up vital synovial fluids and make joints glide as smooth as silk … ALSO …

  • Permeating cell walls allowing nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out
  • Helping your dog to create new muscles, restore collagen, and rebuild healthy cartilage once again
  • Freeing your dog from morning stiffness, night time pain, and poor quality of life
  • Reducing expensive vet bills and costly conventional pain pills
  • Recapturing that youthful spirit your best friend had as a rascal puppy

check   Each Dog Arthritis Double Power Pack provides a generous 48 day supply for an average (21 to 40 pound) dog.

Plus You Get Our Famous
Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee*


“Every bottle of Primalix Arthridia Natural Pain Relief Formula and FlexaSure Cell Cleanse & Joint Hydration Formula is guaranteed to meet your complete satisfaction or your money back! Simply return the unused portion to Natural Wonder Products within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H). No hassle, no questions asked. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”

Don’t Wait Another Minute To Order

Primalix Arthridia and FlexaSure combo

Please don’t put this off! Now is the time to order these two safe and effective treatments.

I urge you to act now! Now is the time to make dog arthritis a thing of the past.

You have our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. That way you risk nothing. The risk is on me.

Find out why tens of thousands of responsible dog and cat lovers are already participating in our generous offer.



check mark   YES! I want to put an end to my best friend’s arthritis pain and reclaim his/her joint health! I'll give your revolutionary Dog & Cat Arthritis Double Power Pack a fair try! Rush me my order. I know that I am fully protected by your 100% satisfaction guarantee. If I'm not happy with my purchase for any reason within 30 days, I can return the unused portion for a full refund of my purchase price – no questions asked!

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Primalix Arthridia and FlexaSure combo

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My only regret is ...

"I am the kind of person who always speaks up when I think I'm not getting my money's worth for anything. I am also not hesitant to give praise where praise is due.

With that said I bought some of your DentaSure teeth spray for my cat. I received it at the beginning of this week. After 3 DAYS of using this product her teeth have already gone from a scary looking brown and very unhealthy to a light shade of yellow.

I am absolutely blown away by how fast this product has helped her teeth improve and the fact that it's all natural is huge to me (the vet has been pushing me to pay $720 for a cleaning including anesthesia!!).

My only regret is not finding you guys sooner!! Keep up the great work!!!!" ~ Fred Brennan, Waymouth, MA

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I am amazed!

"We have 3 dogs. One is almost 10, the second is 2 but is fighting Valley Fever right now and the third is 2 also.

We put the VF dog on antibiotics as soon as she began coughing. The old man never really started but I seem to remember he has had Kennel Cough before so he may now have some immunity.

The third dog started to cough on Thursday and by Saturday it was just awful to listen to. She was trying to hack up a lung and leaving foamy puddles of spit ALL OVER our house.

Thank goodness your Primalix KC arrived so fast. It came in the mail on Saturday afternoon. I immediately dosed all 3 dogs.

Overnight the cough was drastically reduced. I am amazed! I am continuing to treat all 3 dogs for another week.

Thanks for an incredible product. Please do not hesitate to use this review on your website." ~ Lyn Chambers, Phoenix, AZ

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Don't want traditional toxic treatments ...

"Dear TripleSure,

We are pleased with the cedar and peppermint flea spray - it seems to perform as promised & that's a big deal here in Florida which is flea central.

Finally, a practical alternative to the nasty spot style flea pesticides. I will recommend this to my friends who (like us) don't want to use the traditional toxic treatments.

My dog also smells woodsey, a lovely side benefit. We sprayed the house and the combo is working. THANKS!" ~ Michelle G., Ft. Myers, FL

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For the first time in 2 years, no coughing!

"I have two dogs that have kennel cough. I bought the Primalix combo for the immune system and the kennel cough. The medicine arrived today and for the first time in two years, no coughing!"
~ Kerry Jacques, Temecula, CA

I would also like all pet lovers to know ...

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful products and caring nature.

We made the decision to put Oreo to sleep on Tuesday. She was much worse Tuesday morning and it was time to let go. It was very hard as my husband and I wanted so bad for her to go on her own, but it was the right decision.

I know that your products helped give her a little more quality time with us than she would have had without them. I would also like all pet lovers to know the importance of spaying and neutering as early as possible - preferably before the first heat cycle - to decrease the chance of getting mammary gland cancer. Studies show mammary tumors in cats are 80% likely to be cancerous.

If I would have known about this risk, I would have started Oreo on the Primalix C-Care for cancer as a preventative measure long ago. I am going to continue giving it to my other 2 cats at least once or twice a week to hopefully prevent them from getting cancer.

Again, thank you so much for your kindness and compassion."

~ Jane Hicks, Thomasville, NC


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On a scale from 1 to 10, TripleSure gets a 12

“I just received my order of your flea and tick spray. Ok, at first I was skeptical, but now my wife and I are impressed. We see fleas or ticks on our German Shepard “Bumpers” or our Cocker Spaniel “Bella,” they get sprayed and – “Voila!” – dead fleas or ticks.

The buy one get one free was a good deal. A little pricey, but if you want the best this does what it claims and is worth the money.

I want to thank you for making a product that actually works. On a scale from 1 to 10, TripleSure gets a 12.”

~ George and Brenda Campbell, Defuniak Springs, FL

I plan to encourage my friends to try it

"The DentaSure from my order of a week ago is already working on my 2 maltese's teeth and they both like it, making the job of cleaning their teeth much easier for me and is much more effective than trying to brush.

Wish I heard about it (on tv) long ago! I plan to encourage my friends with dogs or cats to try it.

Thank you for your immediate response to my inquiry. You are very efficient!

~ Joyce Snelling, Sun Lakes, AZ

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Nice to have found a product that works

"Just wanted to let you know that my 3 year old Pomerian no longer has any dark tear stains after using your Tidy Tears formula. What a relief.

As a retired dog groomer I knew most products were not successful and I wished I had answers for my clients who lived with these tear stains. I did not want my dog to have to live with it also.

Tidy Tears has all natural ingredients which I look for for my pets. Nice to have found a product that works after all these years in time for my Pom."

~ Marie Cherry, Altoona, FL

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Your products and customer service are first rate

"Your TripleSure product and customer service are first rate. I have been using it on my Wire Haired Pointing Griffon for the past 10 months. Living in Minnesota we are in prime tick country. My dog has been in the thick of them on extended canoe trips, hunting in tall grass and daily trips along the Minnesota river trails.

TripleSure has prevented ticks & fleas. Granted, after water activity, it must be re-applied. However, this is a small price to pay considering not having the questionable chemical cocktail running through her from the standard systemic solutions such as Frontline. I have found that performance is enhanced if I take a minute to work in the spray by hand & finish it off with a light brush. Griffons have a double coat. My guess is that other breeds won’t need this."

~ K.C. Carpenter, Minnesota

I will always shop with you

"Thank you so much for offering these alternative solutions for really dangerous drugs vets give dogs and cats. I will always shop with you, and tell others."

~ Robin Kincaid, Port Orchard, WA

I shall spread the word as much as I can

"I am very happy with the way my 9 year old lab has responded to your arthritis remedy. We were considering much more invasive methods, and now I am so happy we found your herbal remedies.

We are all the way from Istanbul, Turkey, and find ways to carry the remedies with us or with people coming from the US to Turkey. I really do think you are doing a great job for dogs and cats. As an animal lover I shall spread the word as much as I can."

~ Can Malta, Istanbul, Turkey

This product is amazing for dogs with Cushing's

"I wanted everyone to know that this product is amazing for dogs with Cushing's. My dog looked terrible -- pot belly, bones showing, dry coat, back legs with no strength. We have used this for 3 weeks and it has made a tremendous difference... Getting ready to order 3 months supply. Wonderful product."

~ Tammy Perry from Virginia

Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance ... it's a life saver!

"About 3 years ago my cat Timmy was diagnosed with diabetes. The vet put him on insulin injections which were a disaster and his health deteriorated greatly and he exuded a horrible odor.

I had my doubts about him being treated as a Type 1 diabetic as in the human population over 90% of people have Type 2, non-insulin dependant, diabetes.

So as my cat Timmy was practically dying in front of me I ordered your Primalix for cat blood sugar control. Within a short time of being on Primalix he recovered and also recovered from his diabetic neuropathy so he was able to jump again.

He has been on Primalix now for almost 3 years and the results have been wonderful. Also our vet is amazed at his progress.

I would, without hesitation, recommend any pet owner whose pet has blood sugar control problems to go onto Primalix----its a life saver!

With great appreciation,

Yours sincerely,"

~ Nigel Hyatt PEng (Ont), CEng, MIChemE (Professional Chemical Engineer) Ontario, Canada

TripleSure is a Godsend!

"I bought this product about 5 days ago, It is Amazing! I have both dogs and cats and everything I used was NOT working until Now! I see no fleas and nobody is scratching themselves to death! TripleSure is a Godsend. If you have a problem with fleas do not hesitate to buy this product. I am now a customer for life! Thank you Natural Wonder!"

~ Susan Fussell, Jupiter, FL

Thank you for what you are doing for animals and the world!

"I have been using your TripleSure flea and tick spray and do very much love it. All you stated is TRUE, I can not thank you enough for making my life and my pets life more enjoyable. THANK YOU for what you are doing for animals and the world!!!"

~ Terree W., Atlanta, GA


"Just a note to let you know that Taylor's breast cancer is completely gone. This was on only one bottle of C-Care. She had tumors the size of pecans in both front teats. 4 years ago when she was 9 years old, she had a tumor the size of a Nerf football on her side. The vet said nothing could be done. It took 4 bottles of C-Care, but cancer completely cured. This is such a marvelous product, I tell everyone about it as cancer seems to becoming so common in our doggies.

Thank you so much for your research & efforts to help our precious babies. Seeing Taylor run and play, and play with toys at 13 years, is more than I could have ever hoped for! Please use this note to let others know that this product really really works. Thanks again so very very much!"

~ Patricia Gregg Cox - Ballinger, TX

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