Chihuahua with allergies

by Judy
(Pfafftown, NC)

My 14 year old Chihuahua has allergies. She's had them for several years. A test done several years ago proved allergies to various grasses and weeds, some allergy to rice and turkey, etc. No 'one' allergen target, though. She takes very low doses of steroids... unfortunately... Even THAT doesn't seem to help much anymore. She also has a thyroid problem and is taking medication for that, too. She chews her feet constantly...sometimes until they are bloody. I wipe her feet when she comes in from outside. I bathe her with oatmeal shampoo. Her allergies seem to be a little worse in the spring and fall, of course, but they're present all year round. She's my little girl, and sometimes I can't sleep worrying about her. Is there ANYTHING new on the horizon concerning canine allergies..that I can afford?

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by: Anonymous


Allergies, poor bubba

Focusing a specific diet should help a great deal. My dog suffered from allergies for a brief time but the dog gave her a shot (steroids) and it has been significantly better. Consider consulting several different vets to get some new ideas. Good luck, I hope the problems gets better soon. Cheers!

Chihuahua with Allergies
by: Judy

Thanks so much for your input. I'll certainly mention cyclosporine to the vet. I feed Angel nothing but Evanger's dog food (chicken dinner and vegetarian). No filler, no grains. Treats consists of raw baby carrots and raw (washed) green beans. It's weird...Angel doesn't have fleas; she never has. I don't know why. I can't explain it. As a result of no fleas, I don't have to use any flea control on her. A friend mentioned a new product...oatmeal dog wipes (Walmart). I picked some up last night...we'll see.

allergies: dogs
by: hayden meadows pet clinic p.c

Focus on flea control such as vectra or advantage multi every 30 days.. Feed a hypoallergenic diet such as royal canin, zero people food and no treats. Consider an oral medication called cyclosporine which we are having quite a bit of success with in the treatment of allergic dermatitis in dogs. contact your local veterinarian to explore these options... :))

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