Cat Lymphoma

by Cecly
(Belleville, NJ)

Hello, I have a 3 year old cat named Oliver who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. He has a tumor on his intestine. I have begun treating him with Blue Green Algae, Dandelion Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Vitamin C as recommended by a holistic vet I spoke with.

I recently saw the cancer serum treatment on this website and was wondering if I should add that to his daily tonic. I am afraid if certain herbs should not be used together that i could be doing more harm than good! Does anyone have any feedback on that? Thank you

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by: CatLover


Sadly my cat was put down this morning due to lymphoma so I can definitely sympathize with what you must be going through. If I can make any recommendations however, I would say that you might want to consider simply allowing your cat to enjoy what time he has left. Although there are some medications that can help manage his cancer, they will not cure it completely. Additionally, your cat may be experiencing severe discomfort by trying all these new products. Sometimes as humans we fight so hard to keep our beloved pets around because we don't want to lose them. My advice is this: adore your pet for as long as you can, but ultimately let nature run its course. For his sake, if anything. Best of luck.

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